Nj Siblings web $100 Million for myYearb k purchase

Nj Siblings web $100 Million for myYearb k purchase

The C k Siblings Get Millennial Moguls

MyYearB k Sold for $100 Million

Not used to Montgomery High Sch l in Skillman, N.J., C k and her then 16-year-old cousin, David C k, were confronted with the disheartening task of making new friends in a sch l that is new.

“[We] thought that our current yearb k was a t l that is terrible meeting brand new people,” Catherine C k stated in a email interview with ABCNews

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The siblings came up with an innovative way of meeting new teens myYearb k while flipping through their yearb k one night.

“It proved that meeting people that are new the kernel concept [of myYearb k] which we then began to innovate and introduce products around,” stated Geoff C k, Catherine and David’s older brother, whom quickly got active in the task after graduating from Harvard by assisting to f t the bill for the start-up.

Six years later on, the three C k siblings are multi-millionaires.

On Wednesday, myYearb k announced its purchase to your West Palm Beach, Fla.-based Quepasa Corp. for $100 million of combined stock and money.

” This entire experience has been a dream, but I don’t see myself being a millionaire. I’m still an ordinary woman,” said Catherine C k, who’s currently vacationing and attending a relative’s wedding in Costa Rica.

Because of the purchase, the family dream-team keeps growing up Geoff C k, 33, will become C regarding the joint companies while his younger cousin David, 22, finishes university at University of Colorado.