The next is a break down of the 2,680 grievances filed for initial eight months of 1998

The next is a break down of the 2,680 grievances filed for initial eight months of 1998


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Access to Courts 19 Classifications 183 Commissary 56 Conditions 19 Education 1 Education-Academic 28 Education-Vocational 6 F d Service 140 Grievance workplace 31 Inmate Accounts 81 Law Library 17 Laundry 38 Library 14 Mail 164 healthcare 452 Phone-Legal 2 Phone-General 34 Physical Plant 18 Policy and Procedures 2 Programs 315 Property 497 Records 3 Religion 26 protection 256 Sexual Misconduct 5 Sexual Misconduct-Staff 4 Staff Conduct 77 Staff Misconduct 96 usage of Force 21 Visitation 23 Work 52

Three-quarters of those grievances had been in just six groups

Property 497 Health 452 Programs 315 Security 256 Classifications 183 Mail 164 F d Provider

Home. Inmates grievances about home averaged 30 in January and February but raised to 159 in March, after an institution-wide search (“shake-down”) for weapons as well as other contraband after two inmate homicides. ( start to see the section in the “Spring 1998 Mass Shakedown” under.) Through that shake-down, numerous staff were assigned to find inmates’ home and confiscate that which inmates are not permitted to have; unfortunately, afterward many for the “confiscation sheets” were lacking.

In line with the Sergeant now in control of the getting and Discharge Department (R&D), two spaces had been full of confiscated home, the owners of that have been often tough to identify. In reality, the R&D records show 733 filed “property claims,” although an estimated 100 of the was “duplicates.” Whatever the case, since March 1998, the NEOCC has received to cope with the massive burden of trying to sort out inmate home.Continue reading