In 2016 a Vauxhall was bought by me Zafira diesel automated, with a DPF filter fitted as standard.

In 2016 a Vauxhall was bought by me Zafira diesel automated, with a DPF filter <a href=""></a> fitted as standard.

2 Step guide to DPF filter cleaning

No mechanic needed

The engine glow plug light began flashing as i was driving the car from Southampton to Bristol. Different vehicles will illuminate different warning lights as you care able to see in the image below.

The automobile had been operating just fine, though it ended up being consuming lot of diesel. The only other symptom had been a blinking glow plug light.

My mechanic diagnosed that the DPF filter had been faulty and needed replacing. The trade price to produce and fit the filter was ??918 + VAT. This cost was going to consume all profit when the vehicle was sold by me.

As stated, DPF Filters effortlessly block and degenerate when a vehicle is mainly driven around city and doesn??™t obtain a g d motorway run from time to time (ideally every little while).

My Zafira was in excellent condition that can are used with a very careful motorist that seldom revved the engine.

This led me personally to aim my own DPF unblock, without pressing a spanner

You might have heard you could regenerate a DPF Filter by providing the automobile a run-down the motorway. This seldom works because the automobile filter is indeed p rly blocked that a replacement might seem become the only treatment.

How exactly to unblock almost any DPF Filter

Here??™s how I permanently unblocked the DPF on my Vauxhall Zafira ( and other diesel vehicles t )

If you follow my directions, you are likely to neat and unblock your car filter with no need for replacement or excessive repair expenses.

Step 1

The product is the only one that works (I??™ve utilized the others without success). It??™s a little more expensive than STP, Archoil and Wynns however for g d reason.