Frank Costanza claims. My wife just shrugs her neck and states, ???Oh well???.

Frank Costanza claims. My wife just shrugs her neck and states, ???Oh well???.

My 13 stepson that is year-old still not able to do the annotated following:

_ know their home target ride a bicycle _ drive the institution coach _ make a plate of cereal or oatmeal or make use of the toaster _ clean out his school backpack _ understand the distinction between states and urban centers

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My wife simply shrugs her neck and states, ???Oh well???. At this particular rate, he can be residing in our cellar at 20, smoking cigarettes pot and video that is playing until 3 am and resting in til noon.

Rosalid Nim says

Ohhhh boy, seems like you??™ll have actually a time that is bad. Maybe it is perhaps maybe not far too late to alter your son. But I??™m 16 what exactly do i am aware about parenting?

Ordinary paternal dislike for their male offspring. You can easily hate him specially since it??™s perhaps perhaps not your son or daughter. Nevertheless, as opposed to sharing your difficulties with your whole freaking world, you might speak to your spouse and kid in a relaxed and friendly way.

Oh my.. whom the hell have you been to express that to him? We state, if their wife wishes a loser for a son, that is her issue rather than this guy??™s! He has to keep because she??™s obviously an idiot without any parenting that is good. And btw, I??™m a lady composing this ??™‚

I’ve a extremely opportunity that is unusual a gramma to look at 2 very different parenting abilities in the office.